Vintage Maui Gallery

In this gallery you will find images of structures, vehicles and events of Maui past.

S.S. Maui, 1899 "Claus Spreckels", 1910 Hamakuapoko Radio Beacon, 1927

Sikorsky S-38, 1929 Sikorsky S-43, 1936 Twin Coach Model 23-S Bus, 1936

Kress Store, Wailuku, 1937 Chee Kung Tong Building, Wailuku, 1939 Iao Theater, Wailuku, 1940

Aichi E13A1, 1941 Kahului Shelling, Dec. 15, 1941 OY-1, Camp Maui, 1944

Twin Coach Model 23-R Bus, 1944 18th Service Bn. Warehouses, 1944 LDS Chapel, Wailuku, 1950

SeaFlite Ferry, 1975

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