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The Maui Art Scene

Maui is blessed with great natural beauty and climate and has attracted artists from around the world who either have relocated here or spend some time here. There are also a handful of artists who were born and raised here. The subject of their art is predominantly landscapes, flora, and people and their activities. Very rare are paintings of vehicles and architecture of Maui's past.

This is understandable because anything man-made is difficult to portray using traditional media and is not "timeless" as flora or landscapes. Vehicles and buildings start out as dimensioned drawings and numbers are what computers thrive on. By combining my interests in Maui history and computer graphics, I hope to fill this void in subject matter. Computer rendering is ideal for portraying history since new facts about an event or object always emerge. If a viewer says the color of a certain object should be red instead of blue; no problem, with a simple change of the file the scene can be rendered with the new color. In fact the lighting, viewpoint, placement and orientation of objects in the scene can be easily changed and a new scene rendered. This would be very difficult and time-consuming in traditional media.

Please browse the Vintage Maui gallery and I think you will agree that the subject matter presented is the rarely seen Maui.

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