OY-1, Camp Maui, 1944

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The OY-1 aircraft nicknamed "The Last Straw" of VMO-4 (marine observation squadron 4) is shown parked on the airstrip at 4th Marine Division Camp Maui. In the background is camp landmark Kauhikoa also known as "Giggle Hill".

Although eight aircraft were assigned to VMO-4, only three were reported seen at Camp Maui in 1944. The other two aircraft were nicknamed "F4U--Pocket Edition" and "SB Doodlebug".

VMO-4 was attached to the 4th Marine Division Support Group to provide tactical observation and artillery spotting. The squadron saw action in the Saipan and Tinian operations. In the Iwo Jima operation, the squadron was attached to the division's Artillery Group. When the division returned to Camp Maui after the Iwo Jima campaign, the airstrip was converted to a parade ground.

To produce this scene, the computer model of the OY-1 (made using references 1-3) was composited on a photograph taken at the Fourth Marine Division Memorial Park which is located at site of the former Camp Maui airstrip/parade ground.

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  1. Marine Observation Squadron 4   description, lineage and honors of VMO-4

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