OY-1 Data

The OY-1 was the USN designation for the Stinson L-5 aircraft that were transferred from the USAAF to USN. The Letter O stood for "observation" and the letter Y was the manufacturer code for "Consolidated Vultee". In the USAAF designation, L stood for "liaison". Stinson was aquired by Vultee which became part of Consolidated by the time of the transfer. The navy distributed the OY-1s to the five USMC observation squadrons (VMO).


  Manufacturer  Consolidated Vultee (Stinson)
  Engine  Lycoming O-435-1
  six cylinder, air-cooled, 185 h.p.
  Wingspan  34 feet (10.4 m)
  Length  24 feet 1 inch (7.3 m)
  Height  7 feet 1 inch (2.2 m)
  Weight Empty  1472 pounds (668 Kg)
  Payload  686 pounds (311 Kg)
  Cruising speed  100 m.p.h.
  Maximum speed  129 m.p.h.
  Ceiling  15,800 feet (4816 m)
  Range  450 miles (724 Km)
  Crew  2 (pilot & observer)


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  1. OY-1 Article from Naval Aviation News  concise description and operational history of the OY-1. (You have to click on "Naval Aircraft: OY Sentinel" in the features listing of the Jan./Feb. 1999 issue.)

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