Twin Coach Model 23-R Bus, 1944

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A Twin Coach Model 23-R bus in service with the Kahului Railroad Co. in 1944. It is in lower Paia passing the Hew store and restaurant and headed for Wailuku. The passengers are marines from Camp Maui.

Four Model 23-R buses first entered service in early 1941 joining the 16 Model 23-S's already in service.

The bus was 23' 6" (716.3 cm) long, 9' (274.3 cm) wide, 8' 3" (251.5 cm) high and weighed 6.5 tons (5,899 kg) empty. It was powered by a rear-mounted Hercules TC-320 engine rated at about 85 horsepower. A governor limited the speed to 33 m.p.h for safety. The bus seated 31 passengers who entered and exited through a doorway located in front of the right front wheel. An emergency exit was located on the driver's side in front of the rear wheels.

Comparison of Twin Coach Models 23-S and 23-R


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