SeaFlite Ferry, 1975

© 2008, Alvin F. Kanda

Scene is of the SeaFlite (Pacific Sea Transportation Ltd.) Jetfoil "Kamehameha" departing Maalaea Harbor shortly after noon heading for Kailua-Kona via Alalakeiki Channel.

The scene was made by compositing the computer model of the Jetfoil and wakes on a photograph taken at Maalaea harbor.

Zoom-in on SeaFlite Livery

SeaFlite Video Clip
SeaFlite Schedule & Fares
Jetfoil (Boeing 929-100) Details
SeaFlite Company History


  1. Boeing General Arrangement Drawing for Model 929-115 Jetfoil
  2. Boeing Data Card for Model 929-100
  3. SeaFlite promotional film (DVD copy)
  4. SeaFlite color brochure


  1. Reference 1 & 2: Michael Lombardi, Corporate Historian, The Boeing Co.
  2. Reference 3: Reg White (Served as Captain on the "Kamehameha")
  3. Reference 4: Inez Ashdown Collection, Maui Historical Society

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