"Claus Spreckels" Locomotive, 1910

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The locomotive was named after Claus Spreckels, a leading figure in the development of Maui's sugar industry. He introduced technical innovations in the milling, growing, irrigation and transportation of sugar cane. Electric lighting in Hawaii was first demonstrated in his Mill #1 in 1881. The town of Spreckelsville, the Spreckels Ditch and this locomotive are reminders today of his legacy.

Kahului Railroad Company locomotive Number 1 "Claus" in 1910. It is switching a flat carloaded with large quarried rocks between the rail yard and the Kahului Harbor east breakwater extension under construction.The train crew is taking a break while steam builds up. The railroad's newer and more powerful locomotives hauled the rocks from the quarry located East of Puunene in Kalialinui gulch to the rail yard.

"Claus Spreckels" Locomotive History


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